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SKMR-115 Yat-Kha - Live at «Stray Dog Club», 2015

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On the CD includes some songs from the last album Albert Kuvezin "Poets and Lighthouses", published in 2010 in England and is engaged in top European World Music Charts in early 2011, as well as old favorites group, already beloved by fans. Special atmosphere of this concert the audience and give himself room art-club "Stray Dog", which took place on this record.


Albert Kuvezhin - vocals, guitar
Evgeny Tkachev - drums, mandolin, backing vocals
Sholban Mongush - vocals, igil, temir-khomus
Alex Saaya - bass, clarinet, backing vocals

Vasily D Nissen - recording, mixing, mastering
Zorikto Dorzhiev - art work
Eugene Kolbashev - tour manager

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