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SKMR-133 Hartyga feat. Andrey Bardin «Fugue for steppe with organ» (2016)

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Musicians of Tuvan ethno-rock band Hartyga are prone to the experiments, because their distinguishing feature is the unexpected combination of throat singing, rock and jazz. Hartyga Musicians working in the Tuva State Philharmonic in different bands, symphony orchestra, Tuva-jazz band, have the experience of playing in a brass band of the Republic of Tuva Government. Frontmen Nachyn Choreve is soloist of Tuva State Philharmonic.

Paying tribute to the aesthetics of the psychedelic 60s rock and good tradition to create unexpected instrumental mixes with musicians of various genres, Musicians had the idea to do an acoustic program in which Tuvan folk sounds with a classic organ. Especially for this band came to Krasnoyarsk, where they met with leading organist of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic Andrew Bardin.

The two igils, Tuvan drum kengirge and khoomei... This simple set of tools like the mighty stream of the mountain river drowns the loud organ pipes, only occasionally giving them the will. And these moments are particularly exciting. How is this possible? Probably, the fact is in the famous Tuvan sense of rhythm, the beauty of the steppes, where born and raised herds of horses. In conclusion we can say that this album will be interesting for every lover of Tuvan music, throat singing and world music.

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