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Opycham – Where To Find Peace Of Mind (2021)

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The new album of the OPYCHAM project “Where To Find Peace Of Mind” is a various of spiritual poems recorded by Evgeny Tkachev and with the help of his friends. Some the tracks are taken from earlier albums, like “s.t.i.h.i.” (2008), “new-age.om” (2015) and “Kudesa” (2018), and some of them received modified arrangements. New tracks were recorded, mixed and mastered by sound engineer Alexei Denisov (KM studio), and the album artwork was done by artist Vera Petrova (Ministry of Eternal Life) based on an ancient fresco from an abandoned Orthodox monastery.

From pristine natural minimalism to daring experiments and improvisations. OPYCHAM's creativity is not just music and a sequence of notes, it is a holistic worldview, a special way of life, by joining which, a person gains integrity, happiness and the ability to again believe in love.

The album tells about spiritual searches, about the search for meaning and purpose, and for a person lost in the information storm of megacities, this will become a guiding star, showing the way to the origins of the soul and eternal values.

The album's compositions do their magic with the ecstasy and inevitability of the eternal pendulum of fate. Drum rhythms, jew's harp melodies, spiritual poetry, throat singing and a deep understanding of the world, wise from the life experience of the author - you will find all this in the work of the musician and philosopher Evgeny Tkachev.

“The world is restless. Humanity seems to have come to a certain point. The feeling that it has lost its way, that something valuable has been lost in the past, which determined the meaning of human existence on the planet. It seems to me that this is valuable - spirituality. This disc contains the spiritual verses of Russian Old Believers in my vision and expounded with the help of my friends so well. I hope that listening to this album will show people the way to the origins of their souls, who are lost in the external material world, and believe in goodness and love."

(C) Evgeny Tkachev



Evgeny Tkachev – vocals, guitar, percussion, recording sounds of nature
Ilya Lipkin – electric guitar (3)
Alena Minulina – vocals, kugigly (7)
Ilya Chistyakov – ambient guitar (6), jeli ngoni (7)

recording – Alexander Kostarev studio (1,2); KM studio (3-7)
mastering – Alexey Denisov (KM studio)
artwork – Vera Petrova / Ministry of Eternal Life
layout – Mila Krasnikova

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