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The album "Hurdy-gurdy, accordion and Vasiliy Evhimovich" - reissued with a new cover.

Dec 25, 2017

Vasiliy Evkhimovich - master of hurdy-gurdy reissued the album "Hurdy-gurdy, accordion and Vasiliy Evhimovich - Here Was Vasya" by changing the cover.


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The performer of Russian traditional folklore and ancient urban romances - Vasiliy Evkhimovich, also known as a master wheel litter, reissued his album " Hurdy-gurdy, accordion and Vasily Evhimovich - Here Was Vasya" by making several changes to the cover. In particular, the names of the album were added in English, French and German, and some changes were made in the picture of the design. There were no other changes in the re-release of the album.

Vasily took the whole new edition to his workshop in the tourist village of Verkhnie Mandrogi (Russia), where he makes hurdy-gurdy and takes tourists. By the way, you can order wheeled lyres of Vasily Evkhimovich on his website http://ewhim.ru/. And if someone is interested in Evkhimovich's CDs with a new cover, then in our publishing house Sketis Music there are a few copies, you can buy and order them in our online store by the link: https://goo.gl/3Cf8xW

Vasily Evkhimovich told us about his creative plans, which includes recording and publishing the new album. And what kind of songs will be on the new album, until he said.

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