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Anna Hoffman`s music video song "Fish" released

Dec 27, 2018

Anna Hoffman's clip “Fish” is a bright kaleidoscope of ethnic melodies and author's folk music. Everything is interlaced in one large multicolor carpet, cooked, as in a large cauldron, soaked through with world cultures and traditions.

Watch this video at the link: https://youtu.be/-ostYXi2JMQ



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Now you can see Anna Hoffman’s video for her song “Fish” in arrangements by the famous Moscow musician and composer Gennady Lavrentiev. This is a simple lyrical history about a controversial girl, and her love. The main role is played by singer herself, appearing before the audience of a magical princess images. The song definitely deserves a main place in the charts of world music, because it’s just amazing how a whole kaleidoscope of folk and ethnic melodies. In recording songs attended musicians such as Gennady Lavrentyev, Evgeny Fedorishin, Dmitry Ignatov, Yannis Kofopulos, Arsen Stepanyan, Oleg Maryakhin, Kirill Parenchuk and Pavel Protasov.

The idea to make this music video appeared several years ago, and now the script from director Nika Platonova is ready, and Anna with Johann Nikadimus, the master of the crowns and kokoshnik, think over the details and different symbols. For example, for the image of the royal bride were taking items from completely different cultures and epochs, such as Pakistani and Uzbek fabrics, Chinese bracelets and Indian bells, were used for the image of the royal bride, as well as a unique kokoshnik, a replica of the museum sample of the nineteenth century. Be sure to pay attention to the abundance of rings, most of which were made personally by Anna Hoffman.

We always happily talk about Anna, because she is really amazing and versatile artist, performer of contemporary ethnic music (world music) and folklore. from Eastern and Indian dances to painting on wood, making author's jewelry and ceramics, from song folklore of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Balkans, to Jewish folk songs of various diasporas and dialects. In general, her skills and talents can be enumerated infinitely ...

But back to our video. According to the author's idea, this song, sung in Russian, is heard as folk, and at the same time it contains completely different melodies from the Balkans and the Caucasus, to India and anything else ... and in the middle a Greek singer appears and sings in Greek ... All these melodies entwined in one continuous multi-colored carpet, digested, as in a large cauldron, soaked through with world cultures, traditions and immense love of musicians.

Thus, this work gives us the opportunity to plunge into the bright colors of ancient romance. After all, our generation had the misfortune to be born in the age of complete loss of traditions, root lifestyle, special rituals that accompany a person from birth to death, traditional folk clothes, which are not inferior in beauty to the royal. At the same time, the subconscious thirst of all this has not disappeared anywhere, people are yearning for true beauty, at least I want to believe in it.

You can download the song or add it to your media library in any official music service, as iTunes, Google Play, VK Boom, etc.

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