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New ritual-ambient album "Kudesa" was released

Dec 24, 2018

Live and acoustic ritual-ambient album “Kudesa” by OPYCHAM project (Eugeny Tkachev). Featuring Bolot Bayryshev and Alena Minulina (ex` Folkbeat)


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New ritual-ambient album "Kudesa" by OPYCHAM project was released. Drum rhythms, jews harp melodies, spiritual verse and throat singing - all we can hear here, in the album invented by Yat-Kha drummer. This is a joint release with the friendly German label Lollipoppe Shoppe.

This work completes the cycle of four OPYCHAMs albums, which includes acoustic ambient compositions based on traditional elements of folk musical culture, closely intertwined with a palette of spatial sounds, because the sounds of the stream and rain, the noise of the train and the crackling of snow underfoot ...

Most of the sound was recorded during the winter expedition to Mountain Altai in the winter of 2017, the tracks later found their final appearance in the Alexey Denisovs studio (KM studio). The design of the album, as well as beautiful photos made by painter and photographer from Novosibirsk city Svetlana Kaunchenko, and for the warm welcome in the snowy mountains of Altai, we say thanks by Yurt Eco-Camping "Tydtuyaryk" (http://camp-altai.ru/). Famous Altai musician Bolot Bayryshev and Moscow singer Alena Minulina (ex Folkbeat) also took part in the recording of the album.

More info on the album page

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