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«Mir Sibiri» festival in Shushenskoye announced the winners and presented the Grand Prix

Jul 15, 2019

«Mir Sibiri» festival in Shushenskoye summed up: «Chitinskaya Sloboda» and the Cossack ensembles on the right received honorary awards


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Folklore Festival«Mir Sibiri» announced the results of the competition program. Grand Prix in the adult age category went to the «Chitinskaya Sloboda» folklore ensemble! We are happy to join in the congratulations of all members of the ensemble! Recall that in the spring our publishing house Sketis Music published the second album of the Chitinskaya Sloboda, «Songs of the Russian people, part 2», which included Cossack songs and romances.

Another group - the ensemble of the old Cossack song «Kazachya Sprava» from the city of Volgograd became the winner of the music award in the nomination «vocal ensemble». The musicians of the ensemble perform songs of the Cossacks of the Upper Don, and came to the World of Siberia directly from the Euro Folk Radio festival held in Rudolstadt (Germany). The album of the ensemble «Kazachya Sprava» was also released this spring on Sketis Music.

More info (only for Russian): https://www.festmir.ru/festival/novosti/chashi-mira-vrucheny-pobeditelyam-rasskazyvaem-kto-oni/

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