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Yarga Sound System's album “Live” was reissued

Jan 6, 2020

The album of the project Yarga Sound System from Petrozavodsk was reissued


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The Live album of the Yarga Sound System project consists of 8 tracks recorded in 2007 at concerts and live sessions in Moscow (club DOM) and Petrozavodsk (Media Center “Vyhod” and the VI International Puppet Theater Festival countries of the Barents region).


The following musicians took part in the recording of the album:

Alexander Leonov – vocals, throat singing, ethnic winds and strings, saw, mbira, khomus, loop-station;

Olga Gaydamak – vocals, violin;

Grigory Arkhipov – laptop pc, korg electribe, noise synthesis, dubbing;

Mario Caldararu (1,5,7,8) – toba, ceramic percussion, kalimba;

Andrey Dikoev (2,3,4,6) – accordion


Alexander Leonov and Olga Gaydamak are known as participants and founders of the ethno-fusion team from Petrozavodsk Va-Ta-Ga (the first name of the collective was Reel). Musicians write music for theatrical performances and travel around the world on tours.


Recently, the Yarga Sound System can be found at festivals and recitals with the unique project Lodkastrun, which is based on a traditional Karelian dugout boat equipped with strings and pickup equipment.


But back to the “Live” or “Yarga” album: the first release of this album was make in 2008 on our Sketis Music label. After 11 years in the fall of 2019, the album was reprinted, now this CD is again available for sale and at concerts of the group.


Yarga Sound System on social:

VK: https://vk.com/yargasounds

FB: https://www.facebook.com/yargasoundsystem


Listen and download the album:

On the label website: https://clck.ru/LhnMm

Buy CD: https://clck.ru/LhnMP

iTunes: https://clck.ru/LhnLg

VK: https://clck.ru/LhnUr

Google Play: https://clck.ru/LhnL4

Yandex Music: https://clck.ru/LhnNA

Spotify: https://clck.ru/LhnP3

Deezer: https://clck.ru/LhnQ2

Amazon: https://clck.ru/LhnQL

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