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Album Hartyga Agitator reissued

Aug 22, 2018

Reissued debut album ethno-rock group Hartyga


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Tuva group Hartyga re-released her first album "Agitator" on our label Sketis Music. Rock, jazz and Tuvan throat singing are firmly entrenched in the music of Hartyga band. The legendary Tuvan rock-hero Albert Kuvezin from Yat-Kha helped the band make the album sparkling and bright.

Cover and design remained virtually unchanged – same 6-band digipack with a large A3 poster-booklet containing lyrics in Tuvan, Russian and English. Originally the album was released in 2016 on SOYUZ MUSIC.


Listen and download:

iTunes – https://goo.gl/gewj91
Google Play – https://goo.gl/YFUPyf
Яндекс Музыка – https://goo.gl/f1f9kz
Deezer –  https://goo.gl/nZiJpF
Spotify – https://goo.gl/JD6i5y
Amazon – https://goo.gl/JYAdAZ
BUY CD – https://goo.gl/YguwNs

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