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Наш Неформат - рецензия на альбом SHONO

Jul 17, 2016

What SHONO managed to dig in his debut album? Not the Sorcerer's Stone, which makes touching it any domestic band popular in the West, but a universal common denominator in the music world, without cost the fashion brand "world music".

Ссылка: рецензия на портале "Наш Неформат"


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"Buryats, Mongols, narrow-eyed cosmopolitan person, Jew's harp, shamans, squirrel tails, tambourine and bones" - sitting inside a cynic methodically listed the main signs of music, which has the subtitle "throat singing to the shores of Lake Baikal." And that this may be a new and interesting? All that can be said has already been said: it badly trampled Yat-Kha and Bugotak, Turgot QAM and Huun-Huur-Tu, and even Sainkho Namtchylak and Bulat Gafarov. Fiddle on the ashes, to dance on the bones, to imitate the voice impersonator? Skepticism spreads on asphalt puddle from a broken bottle of port.

Strange to say, but SHONO managed to dig out (seems to have been unwittingly) the same buried in the Ural Mountains border post, which stood for the abutment and separation of Europe and Asia. Or pull out the proverbial light at the sunken buoy in the Bering Strait, on which was written "Russian / America". Or ... These guys do not understand that removed the light. It is not the philosopher's stone, which makes touching it any domestic band popular in the West, but a universal common denominator in the music world, without cost the fashion brand "world music". They believe that absorbed the SCORPIONS and METALLICA's, and played like DINOSAUR JR. The group's leader, Alexander Arhincheev likes to listen to the DDT and the aria, but actually makes the introduction to the song Untouchable "My friend went" ( "Song of the long-awaited friend"). He calls himself SHONO (with the accent on the second syllable), which means "wolf" in the belief that the songs sound growl hungry beast, but the speakers came the locomotive breath. Unconscious plexus cultures, strung on the idea of ​​national pride and freedom. Alexander chew to shreds unfamiliar words, as if preparing to spit in the face of the customer, and this is a song about his father's land "Fire Mountain". all very easy with them, but this only more interesting.

A set of tools (in addition to traditional guitars and drums) is not surprising: here and khomus and limb (Long Live Ian Anderson!), and moorinhur. But together they are combined in certain western rock sound, casting nostalgic associations and contemporary allusions. All four musicians played so smooth, that is hard to believe in the fact that the group exists only from 2014. No, they had to play together for ten years, no less, or where it's from? SHONO - not wolves carry their sheep at night and werewolves, living among the people, will not come until the full moon. For guitar meets a bloody werewolf Beligto Sambuev. It looks like he's not really aware of what he does, otherwise would have never thought to cross in one song David Gilmour and Tony Iommi (as he did in "mountain herbs"). The rhythm section, represented by Vladimir Sidorov (bass, khomus) and Dmitriy Zanin (drums) come clearly from myth, but easily picks up any movement of music that is one hundred percent felt part of a single organism. This effect is also enhanced by the fact that not only sings Alexander Arhincheev, but often come choir associates, giving vocal polyphony drive. And here comes the most time to pay attention to recording and mixing, which built polistilichny sound, flexible and fragile, in the good old traditions of the psychedelic era of the turn of the 60s-70s. It's no accident, guys? It's a cynical calculation and pragmatism arrogant, huh? Or everything what reaches the silver paw verfolfa Shono, turns into a full nesoznanku and intuitive actions? No one answered. The most popular answer to any question about the group should be: "I do not know." And after the echo response: "... edge-to-ta ..."

Based on my five-point system ... I stick a disc into the player I "through his lip," and by the end of listening to that damn lip chewed up gum. Given the cosmopolitan nature of the album, I put: "five".

Author: Old Pioner
published June 23, 2016, 19:56

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