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Review of the album " Fugue for steppe with organ" on the Hungarian portal Ekultura.hu

Mar 7, 2018

There is a new review, published on the Hungarian portal Ekultura.hu on the album Hartyga feat. Andrei Bardin "Fugue for the steppe with organ" (CD, 2016, Sketis Music)



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"Despite all my love and respect for the legendary Tuvan folk ensemble Huun-Huur-Tu, it's obvious that they did not publish new albums for seven years. Nevertheless, they are constantly traveling around the world and giving great concerts, for example, as that fantastic concert of Fonós 2015. However, if I really want to be honest, I have to ask why they are satisfied with the performance of old compositions and do not create or write new songs?

Well, in general, this is not so important, besides there is another Tuvan group that is not only active in the concert stage, but also has permanent studio recordings, clips, and in its free time even tries something new. This is Hartyga - about the album Agitator I wrote last year, and greatly praised it. But this album has surprised me as much - without exaggeration, it opened an entirely new chapter for me.This is not surprising, because the participants play music in completely different formations,so for example the singer Nachyn Choreve in the Tuva State Philharmonic Orchestra, so it's quite obvious why the album is called Fugue for the steppe with the organ.

Musicians who play rock, jazz and traditional Tuvan and Mongolian music have teamed up with organist from Krasnoyarsk Andrey Bardin. The result of joint work was the sound of the temple organ, traditional instruments of nomads (igil, doshpulur, vargan / khomus) and Tuvan throat singing khoomei.Somewhere I read that this work is similar to the Deep Purple "Concerto For Group And Orchestra", and we will hear its revised and upgraded by the Tuvinians version. There is a grain of truth in this, both groups unite their music with classical music, and in both cases something new and exciting appears. Of course, the organ and the violin with the horse's head (instrument igil) have perfectly become friends, they just need the right company. This recording is another evidence of world music, which really makes the possibilities of the most talented musicians limitless.

I recommend throat singing, accompanied by an organ, to anyone who is interested in novelties."

Author: Galgóczi Tamás

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The original text in Hungarian can be read here.

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