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Zvuki.ru / Yat-Kha "Live in" Stray Dog "(live)

Feb 9, 2016

Masterfully played and recorded a live album, which helps you to kill time while waiting for the next gigs by Yat-Kha

Ссылка: Звуки.ру/альбом Ят-Ха "Концерт в Бродячей собаке"


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The first official live album of the cult of Tuvan group, recorded in the Novosibirsk club "Stray Dog" and it is characterized a chamber and a really homely atmosphere. This is clearly not the kind Yat-Kha, which is familiar to those who have imbued their works on the big stadium of international festivals, such as Kazan "Creation of the World" or in London "Meltdown". You can not hear the roar of thousands of public - although, for example, the harmonious sounds of forks shock rating of glasses and bottles at the song "The Way of my poetry," orchestrated by Eugene Tkachev, make a compelling and inspiring ethnographic background. At the same time is clearly noticeable, both among musicians run through the tiniest spark scenic interactions which your eyes are woven fabric of live concert.

The basis of the program made an extremely significant at the band's discography album "Poets and Lighthouses", which was recorded in the verses, mostly Japanese poets, and was released in Europe in 2010 and in 2011 took the top spot European World Music Charts. That is a relatively new thing the group, characterized by smaller scale folk and ritual suggestion, but large purely literary merit. Another thing is that the major English-language hits from this studio album, this live album performed in Russian.

In contrast to the studio version of the same "I come from the Sacrament of Black Heaven", "Song of the sad morning", "Metamorphosis" and the other at Novosibirsk concert did not participate and present at the recording of "Poets and Lighthouses" world stars, such as the magnificent Lu Edmonds (PIL , The Damned, etc.), which often helps to Albert Kuvezin on large festival performances. However, the usual quartet Kuvezin \ Tkachev \ Mongush \ Saaya sounds are more than convincing.
Since the second half of the concert begins more than usual "folk" Yat-Kha, under which both legs to dance themselves embark and want to order more for mug. Of course, anywhere without the acoustic ballad "Amdy Baryp" performed at octave two voices Kuvezin and Mongush, as well as the ancient and the mega hit "Teve-Khaya," in which the leader of the group contrives to insert in punk dashing and dirty by the guitar passage of Edward Grieg. Binge and celebration of life continues the execution of the ethno-surf "In A Gada Da Vida" on the company's kuvezinskom "Tuvan English" and no less inspiring brand hardware "Kozhamyka", cornered in the end to a normal pace of hardcore. The final "Dyngylday" puts an end to the great orgy of steppe punk, which mingled horses, people ... Masterfully played and recorded a live album, which will help you pass the time while waiting for the next live performance Yat-Hee in your city.
Alexey Sheptunov (zvuki.ru)



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