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The catalog of artists of the musical publishing house Sketis Music includes the most interesting musicians performing contemporary ethnic music and traditional music of Russia and its surroundings. On the page of each artist there is a form of feedback, in which you can ask your question concerning the creativity of the artist, his tour activity or discography.

Anna Hoffman & Mazal Bueno Orquesta Anna Hoffman & Mazal Bueno Orquesta Anna Hoffman & Mazal Bueno Orquesta Anna Hoffman & Mazal Bueno Orquesta
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We would like to share with you our love to the ancient, mysterious, and joyful culture, which Sephardic Jews brought to us through сenturies and countries.

Sephardic music is not a periphery of musical culture. This genre brings us back to the origins of European poetry, makes us feel its breathe. The language of these songs - Ladino (or dzhudezmo) a medieval dialect of Spanish, may be called Esperanto of the Mediterranean.

Expelled from Spain in 1492., Sephardi Jews not only did not loose their identity, but also turned their mournful way of exile into a bright melodic pattern in which all of the Mediterranean - Turkey, the Balkans, the Pyrenees and North Africa are intertwined in a fabulous musical ornament. Listening to this music, looking at this colorful and bright pattern, you can see how history comes alive.

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