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The catalog of artists of the musical publishing house Sketis Music includes the most interesting musicians performing contemporary ethnic music and traditional music of Russia and its surroundings. On the page of each artist there is a form of feedback, in which you can ask your question concerning the creativity of the artist, his tour activity or discography.

Veronika Bulycheva Veronika Bulycheva Veronika Bulycheva Veronika Bulycheva Veronika Bulycheva
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Russien singer in Paris

A fusion of world music, jazz and russian romances

Veronika Bulycheva was born in a small village in the Ural region of Russia. In 1992, she set out for France, her desire for liberty stronger than the ties to her home country.  

She sings in Russian and in French, sometimes mixing both languages. Her lyrics describe simple scenarios in which the essential human emotions are lived out ; love, nature, nostalgia and exile are set to blues, pop, bossa nova, and even north African rhythms, all colored by jazz, classical and traditional Russian sonorities. Out of this mixture of influences grows a unique, beautiful music that transcends ideas of country and culture, and truly expresses the phrase “world music”, at home anywhere and everywhere.



“‘World’, ‘trad’, perhaps… but so fresh you can’t but be immediately seduced and conquered forever.” (Libération)

“As to Veronika, they say her warm and deep Slavic timbre well serves an astounding virtuoso vocal range as well as her original poetic and humorous lyrics…” Nouvelles, Genève)



Veronika Bulycheva «SPACIBA» - Thank you, merci ... / 2008
Veronika Bulycheva «Tout ira bien (Все будет хорошо)» / Paris, 2004 © Sketis Music, 2008.
Veronika Bulycheva «Demoiselle Cygne (Лебедушка)» / Paris, 1999. © Sketis Music, 2009
Veronika Bulycheva «De Tout Coeur (От всего сердца)» / Paris, 2011 © ARTService, 2011
Veronika Bulycheva & Emerald Group «Voyage de l’Oural (От Урала до Парижа)» / Paris, 2012 © Sketis Music, 2012