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Review of the album Zaindiveli "Sagar" in the magazine Musical Life

Jun 6, 2018

Review of the album Zaindiveli "Sagar" in the magazine Musical Life



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The name of the band on the cover of the disc is designated as ZaINDIveli, and it sets and describes the association not with "indie" - that is, "independent" music, but with the aesthetics of the remarkable country of India. This causes a kind smile and forms a very definite vector of interest. The music of the electroacoustic ambient project simultaneously justifies expectations, and it turns out to be unexpected. Approaches to such aesthetics were very different, Zaindiveli developed their own language of communication between musical civilizations. Neither India, nor Europe are occupying some sort of dominant position.

"Zaindiweli" are brilliant Moscow musicians, and they have been engaged in this project since 2010, that is clearly they are in no hurry.The creators of the project, unique performers - Kirill Parenchuk (tabla, soprano saxophone), who played in VAREVO, EXIT Project and with Vladimir Chekasin, and Gennady Lavrentiev, multi-instrumentalist, who worked with the best ethno-rock projects, such as " Rada & Ternovnik, Inna Zhelannaya, Huun-Huur-Tu, Zulia Kamalova, Malerija, Namgar, Marimbba Plus, Radik Tyulush, Seven Eight Band, Romancero Sefardi and Anna Hofman, Authentic Light Orchestra.Gena Lavrentyev plays the violin, guitar and tabla, and he passed a difficult school of playing drums in India. Also participating are Oleg Maryakhin and Sergei Grebstel Kalachev from the Inna Zhelannoy group; Andrei Demidenko (dhrupad vocal and bansuri); keyboard- is Dmitry Losev, who worked with Tinavie and Safety Magic, and Vladislav Yakupova - the performer on the instrument was beating (Russian flat bells).

This CD is decorated modestly, and it sounds quietly. The album indulges in a slow but energy-consuming ethno-fusion sound, but the music is not Indian. It rather describes the process of movement, to Indian music, but it remains European.It is not for a moment functional, not tied to time and events, close to ambient in the understanding of Brian Eno. It plays rhythms, rarely, accurately and appropriately, without losing spirit and letters, adequately uses thoughtful, atmospheric and stylish electronics.The found balance of acoustic and synthesized sounds makes it possible to create music of sparsity and thoughtfulness. It, for Western perception, is not very emotional and at times seems to be a movement of the musical spirit - in its pure form. In this context, the disc name "Sagar", which in Hindi means "sea" or "ocean", sounds very appropriate.

Text writer: Alexander V Volkov
Translation by Google Translate

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