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Denis Stupnikov (KM.RU) about the album of the band Vozvrashenie «Deep»

May 30, 2018

Denis Stupnikov (KM.RU): "The new album "Vozvrashenie" is similar to those air bubbles on the cover, thanks to which even in the water column one can breathe freely and feel winged"



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The Moscow group "Vozvrashenie" plays a folk rock of the highest standard and crystal purity. It will not be easy for all possible "captains of evidence" to swim here, because the journey is full of underwater rocks, cold currents and bizarre sea creatures. But all who heroically will pass the chosen course, expects as a reward to return to the sources and their true self.

One time another good Moscow group "Megapolis" was obsessed with the idea of discovering millennial musicians. The leader of the "Vozvrashenie" Sergei Kanunnikov nothing like this is not necessary - he is already in his rambling narrative ballads like the miracle of the surviving ancient singer Boyana, keeping pace with the times, but not forgetting the eternal values. Not without reason, rural realities and mythological images are cute in his texts with a corvalole on the table and carelessly thrown over their shoulders with jackets.

The musical component of the album is also a kind of compromise. Kanunnikov feels comfortable in the elements of slightly weighted bard-rock, lavishly decorated with lots of flutes, zhaleks, sopelok, kalyuk and even a glucophon! The condition of the trip is simple and expressed already in the pen song of the album "Leave on the berries" - "go, if it's bright."

In Christianity, the true light of the soul is inextricably linked with the feeling of its defectiveness before God. Is it because in the "Doll" there is a parallel between the master and his crooked craftsmanship, and in the "Ordinary Miracle" the princess, contrary to all the canons of the genre, does not revive the bear. After all, he, though God's creation, is not intended for her in the narrowed, and if the heroine shows humility and patience, then he will certainly wait for his prince, who will paint his sails with scarlet color.

The recognizable Green image in general turns out to be one of the main ones for this album. In the song, which is called "Scarlet Sails", Kanunnikov recodes the romance laid down in the book, The morality of the song is simple: love should be reserved not for the distant, but for its loved ones, and then there will be less sorrows in the world, because red is a symbol of suffering. And in general princes and princesses are not those who need to wait long and exhaustingly, but those who are close. "My daughter sings:" I'm Nastya, I'm a princess, I'm a princess! "- Carefully deduces the daughter of Sergey Kanunnikov in the" Caravan ", which indeed is called Anastasia.

Only profane, plunging into the depth, begin to suffocate. The new album "Vozvrashenie is similar to those air bubbles on the cover, thanks to which even in the water column you can breathe freely and feel winged.

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