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Sketis Music: News summer 2016

Nov 8, 2016

Spring and summer we had several interesting ethno and folk albums.


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Briefly to tell you about novelties our summer:

KhaRa "Meryachenie" - an improvisational album recorded by Alexander "Darky" Medvedev with companions. Here are connected by a sudden guitar blues, Slavic melodies and shamanic rhythms. How could this happen? The answer can be found in the new album Siberian psychedelic rock band "Hara."

Vladimir Markov "Out of time. Russian jew’s harp music"

Unusual instrumental project of musician and teacher Irkutsk Vargan school Vladimir Markov. In an album shows the different ways of playing on this ancient instrument, and that the most interesting - the material for the album served as a Russian traditional music, songs, ditties, tunes and dance.

Shams "Legendary Album with Muboraksho"
This CD presents the already legendary album of the Shams with the prematurely deceased group vocalist Muboraksho Murzoshoev.

Baraka "Gole Sangam. Persian women​`​s songs"
The new album was inspired by a thousand year old history of lyrical poetry from Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

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