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Catalog of the Russian world music label Sketis Music

Albums from the catalog of the music publishing house Sketis Music are available for purchase, both in the form of physical CDs in the online store of ethnic music Sketis Music, and in digital format, by downloading and / or listening on special music services such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music , Deezer, Yandex Music, Google Play and others. Now for each album of our music publishing house you can find convenient links to this album, leading to the catalogs of various music services, for later listening or downloading.

SKMR-157 Runara – Way of the Sun

world music / folk / folk-rock / fantasy folk

SKMR-156 Narechie – From the town

russian folk songs / world-music

SKMR-153 KHARA – Mandragora

rock / folk rock / psychedelic

Opycham – Where To Find Peace Of Mind (2021)

folk / ritual ambient / drum fusion

Narechie // Наречие / Adverb

Contemporary folk \ rock \ Russian folk song

SKMR-145 KHARA – Reality / [Yav`]

rock / folk rock / psychedelic

SKMR-142 Opycham – Kudesa (released 10/16/2018)

folk / ritual ambient / drum fusion

SKMR-141 Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator"

psychedelic / prog rock / throat singing

SKMR-134 Zaindiveli - Sagar, 2017

psychedelic / ambient / trip hop / ethno

SKMR-133 Hartyga feat. Andrey Bardin - Fugue for steppe with organ, 2016

psychedelic / prog rock / Tuvan throat singing and folklore

SKMR-130 Asketics - Da.Bro, 2016

rock / electronic / jazz

SKMR-128 Baraka - Gole Sangam. Persian women`s songs, 2016

ethno-jazz / Central Asia / female vocals

SKMR-125 KhaRa - Meryachenie, 2016

psychedelic rock / ambient rock

SKMR-124 Baraka "Samo Remix"

Contemporary jazz interpretations of ancient Sufi music

SKMR-118 Alexandra Kokorina «Songs of Ustya»

Traditional folklor Ustyansky district of the Arkhangelsk region

SKMR-117 FolkBeat RF "In mixt", 2015

traditional russian songs | beatbox | electronic music

SKMR-111 Baraka - Shams (2cd) , 2014

world music / ethno-jazz / fusion

SKMR-110 Algambra «Algambra», 2014

world / ethnic fusion / hang drum

Old Pickup - Nomad, 2014

rock / country blues

SKMR-099 Baraka - Tribute to Nargis, 2013

world music / ethno-jazz / fusion

SKMR-092 Bubamara Brass Band - Zemlja Bubarumija, 2012

world music / gypsy music / balkan music

SKMR-091 Asketics / Asketics, 2012

art-rock / jazz-rock / instrumental

SKMR-087 Lampa Ladino «En Este Mundo», 2011

avant-jazz / world music / fusion

SKMR-086 Bubamara Brass Band - Bubamarija, 2011

world music / gypsy music / balkan music

SKMR-081 Baraka «Aryan memory remix», 2010

world music / chill out / remixes of traditional songs and music of the Pamir

SKMR-078 Uch sumer - Ymai. Traditional music of Khakassia and Altai, 2010

traditional folk music / music of Altai / music of Khakassia

SKMR-077 Stepanida Borisova - Impressio. Nine songs in a toyuk style, 2010

world music / rock / throat singing / Saha / Yakutia

SKMR-076 Sattuma «Kinofilm», 2010

folk / world music / Karelia / Finland

SKMR-074 Darky «Charizma»

guitar rock / folk-rock / throat singing

SKMR-069 Los Gaiteros de Moscu «El Trio»

Celtic / Europe / instrumental folk

SKMR-066 Opycham «S.t.i.h.i.»

spiritual songs of Russian Old-believers

SKMR-064 Yinwa «Bela Nitochka / White Thread»

songs of Permskaya, Pskovskaya, Bryanskaya, Novgorodskaya, Leningradskaya provinces and Karelia

SKMR-059 Olemba - Karelian and Finnish Folksongs: Oli dielo, 2009

folk, world music, Karelia, Finland, woman’s voices

SKMR-057 Karelian Folk Music Ensemble Toive «Early Years»

Folk instrumental composition of Russia and Finland

SKMR-056 Yarga Sound System — Ярга, 2008

ethno-electronica / ambient / Russian North

SKMR-055 Silk Percussion - Drum circle, 2008

world music / ethno fusion / drum

SKMR-054 Volga «Buttom Up»

ethno-electronica / Russia

SKMR-052 Sattuma «Palapeli»

folk / world music / Karelia / Finland

SKMR-051 Trigon - 7 Steps, 2008

ethno-jazz / Balkan-jazz / Moldova

SKMR-050 Lespromhoz Groove «Сборник» (Va-Ta-Ga project)

avant-garde / electronica / experimental fusion

SKMR-049 Gen Dos - Bay-Tayga, 2008

folk-rock / throat singing / Tuva

SKMR-048 Ethno-trio Troisa - 7 Sem, 2007

world music / folk fusion / Belarus

SKMR-045 Osimira - Druva, 2007

Slavic folk song / Belarus

SKMR-043 Ban Zvirba "Zababoni"

world music, folk-rock, Belarus

SKMR-041 Tandalai - Erdine. Woman Voice of Altai, 2007

ethnic / throat singing / woman voices / Altai

SKMR-040 Sattuma «Kudelma»

folk / world music / Karelia / Finland

SKMR-039 Samosad Bend Digun #2

live & electric dub session

SKMR-038 Samosad Bend Digun #1

live & electric dub session

SKMR-036 Veronika Bulycheva - Tout ira bien

romance / world music / Russia / France

SKMR-034 Eto_X «In_transit»

ethno-jazz / drum-n-bass / Russia

SKMR-033 Va-Ta-Ga - Mikuliny Gory (2007)

world music / ethnic fusion / ambient / Russia / Karelia

SKMR-032 White Owl - Pepper

Celtic, Nordic, Folk Core

SKMR-030 Drobinska «El concert»

ethno, world music, Balkan

SKMR-029 Gen-Dos «Shizo I.D.»

folk-rock / throat singing / Tuva

SKMR-028 Osimira - Proshcha

folk-rock / world music / Belarus

SKMR-023 Volga «Remixed»

ethno-electronica / Russia

SKMR-022 Olchey «Boyduska Yorel»

ethno-electronica / throat singing / Tuva

SKMR-021 Чодураа Тумат «Belek / The Gift» 2005г.

ethnic / throat singing / woman voices / Tuva

SKMR-017 Various Artists «Ethnologi» 2004г.

world music / ethno fusion / ethno

SKMR-016 Samosad Bend "Miru mir" 2005

dub / progressive folk / psychedelic

SKMR-015 Malerija «2004» 2004г.

world beat / ethno dance electronic / Россия

SKMR-014 Various Artists «Dub you» 2004г.

world music / chill out / dub / Россия

SKMR-013 Various Artists «Future East» 2004г.

world music / chill out / dub / Russia

SKMR-011 Volga - Tri Polya / Three Fields 2004г.

world music / experimental electronics / ambient / Russia

SKMR-008 Namgar - Hatar, 2003

world music / folk / Buryatia / Mongolia

SKMR-007 Samosad Band «Solovtida», 2003

world music / electronics / ambient / dub

SKMR-006 Telenn Gwad - Time When Angels Taught Love to Poets, 2003

world music / instrumental / new age / celtic music

SKMR-005 Slinchev Brjag «Ai da, gaida», 2003г.

world music / electronics / Bulgaria / Ukraine

SKMR-003 Ivan Smirnov «The Land Where The Sun Slumbers» 2 cd

world music / ethnic fusion / инструментал / new age / Россия

SKMR-002 Reel - Strannie ludi, 2002г

world music, ethnic fusion, Russia

The catalog of the music publisher and record label Sketis Music contains over 130 albums released with contemporary ethnic music and traditional music of Russia and its surroundings. In the catalog Russian music publishing house you can find entries in the styles of Russian folk music, Russian folklore and Slavic music, Scandinavian music and Balkan music, medieval music and Celtic music, Altai music and Tuvan music, Tajik music and throat singing, drum music and music on jew`s-harp.

 To purchase a CD you like, you need to go to the album page and click on the button "Buy", so you can get to the page of this album in our Sketis Music online store of world and folk music of Russia. It is worth noting that in our online store except for the albums released by Sketis Music, there are many other releases with traditional and world music of Russia and the world.

 On the pages of our website, listeners of ethnic and folk music can always find information about the albums of such performers as: Sergey Starostin, Yat-Kha, Namgar, Shono, Volga, Bubamara Brass Band, Artem Uzunov, Hartyga, Chitinskaya sloboda, Folkbeat, Stepanida Borisova, Phurpa, Vedan Kolod, Samosad Bend, Va-Ta-Ga, Gen Dos, Tandalai and others.

 Now many people prefer to listen to music on-line on their mobile devices and on PC. For the convenience of communication with listeners, all the albums of the catalog (except for the albums that do not allow us to download them on the Internet) have been uploaded to music stores and services such as iTunes, Spotify Deezer, GooglePlay, Yandex.Music and others. Now for each album of our music publishing house you can find convenient links to this album in various music services, for later listening or downloading.